Having Trouble Getting Your Kids to... EAT?
Discover a proven, respectful, and easy framework to teach your picky eater to eat.
Yes ... there is a fun way to teach your child to eat without punishing, yelling, bribing, negotiating, or forcing
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Picky eaters can turn dinner time into disaster time. 

I was very picky eater as a child and now as a mom, I know:
  • You worry like hell if your kid is getting enough food let alone nutritious foods
  • It’s flipping exhausting to have to plan separate meals for the big people and the the little ones
  • The anticipation of the mealtime battles makes your heartbeat go wild
  • You wonder why they do so well in feeding therapy, but can't have the same results at home
  • You pray they will grow out of it
If this sounds like your “mealtime” life, then you are
in the right place...
You’ve probably tried everything​ to get your kids to eat and nothing works.
Yelling is a waste of time.
Negotiating takes a lot of effort. Chasing the kid around with a spoon is just a workout in disguise and you are so over making a bazillion types of meals for your child.
Common advice doesn't work.
“Don’t worry, kids don't starve themselves. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.”  This "conventional” and general advice creates tension, anxiety and is proven to contribute to the difficulties parent are experiencing at mealtimes. 
Meal time battles are emotionally draining.
Witnessing your child in full tantrum mode is emotionally draining like nothing you’ve ever felt before. 
Get ready for a #truthbomb​... 

...meal time doesn't have to be a food fight.

When you embrace a new approach to meal time,  you CAN get your kids to try new foods.
This proven approach to children's nutrition is certain to
turn meal time from fight to fun!
In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Ana, holistic nutritionist and
founder of Nourished Little Munchkins.
I work with health conscious moms like you, who want to teach their kids a healthy relationship with food.

Let’s not kid ourselves, I know you know that what you’ve been doing is not giving you the results you want.

You’ve probably already said to yourself many times
“I don’t care anymore”, only to know deep down that, “Ah c*@p! I actually do!”
But want to know what's missing? Support … the real kind.
So we both know that you’ll continue to fight for your little one, fight to find a way to for them to enjoy their meals and eat nourishing foods, not just pasta and chicken nuggets.

But want to know what's missing?
Support … the real kind.

In all honesty, the worry your child feels at mealtimes can be paralyzing them with fear beyond what you can ever imagine. And the anxiety and frustration you feel as the parent, is just as emotionally draining.
When emotions run high, you need someone to walk you step-by-step how to create a mealtime structure that works for you and works for your child.
What to do. What to say. When to say it. 
And when you have that structure in place, magic starts to happen
You and your child can finally ease into mealtimes and begin addressing the root cause of your mealtime challenges. 

Maybe your child has sensory issues, maybe they're power hungry, or maybe they are simply don't have the oral motor skills to eat certain foods.

No matter what your challenge is, you both can begin doing the work you need to do in a way that honours where your child is at, uses their strengths, and builds their weaknesses.
Making one meal that whole family enjoys
Having your kids come to the table when you say “dinner’s ready”
Seeing your kids happily serve themselves foods on their plate
Have a plan that gently introduces new healthy foods to your kids diet
Expanding the number of foods your child eats
Have tools in your back pocket to address any mealtime challenges without the mealtime-drama
You can 100% get these types of results, but only if you are willing to let go of tactics that force your child to change and embrace a new way to do mealtimes that works in harmony with the whole family.
From Picky To Eating  
Uncover & address the reason behind your child's meal time meltdowns so your child can go from picky to eating in 5 simple steps!
IDENTIFY the reason behind your child's
meal time meltdowns
During this online program, you’ll learn why children won’t eat along with proven and researched-backed strategies you can do today... to get your kids try new foods on their own...without a fuss.   
I’ll teach you an easy and sustainable system of organizing your mealtime that will set boundaries yet still give you plenty of flexibility to do it your way. And I can pretty much guarantee you, once in place, it won’t take any longer than your usual mealtime battles do.
But most importantly, I’ll be there for you every step of the way in our private community.
"Our son went from not eating any vegetables at all to a boy who is willing to try almost anything!"
I reached out to Ana for help in putting together a diet plan specific for ADHD. Our son is also a picky eater and we have struggled with getting him to eat healthy for some time.

Her suggestions on how to approach meal times and his picky eating were easy to implement and have worked wonderfully for our family. Our son went from not eating any vegetables at all to a boy who is willing to try almost anything.

We discovered foods he loves that we never would have tried without Ana's suggestions.
From Picky To Eating is broken down in 5 steps.
Step 1: The Foundation
Understanding and Defining Picky Eating
In this module you will learn:
  • Where your child falls in the picky eating spectrum
  • What behaviours are normal and what needs attention
  • The definitions of picky eating, problem eater and ARFID
Step 2: The Structure
Mealtime Makeover
In this module you will learn:
  • Why having a mealtime structure is the key to getting your child to expand the number of foods they eat
  • How to create a conflict-free mealtime environment
  • Exactly what responsibilities to give your child during mealtimes
  • The most powerful phrase you can tell your child to get them to eat
  • How to troubleshoot why your child is not eating
Step 3: The Senses
The Key to Getting your Child to Eat
In this module you will learn:
  • Why eating is more difficult than walking
  • How our 8 senses cause kids difficulties eating and how you can support your little buh-bah
  • A step by step strategy to get your kids eating new foods
  • A whole new way to measure your success
Step 4: The Emotions
Power, Control, Anxiety and Attention
In this module you will learn:
  • Why tactics using pressure to eat don’t work and backfire big time 
  • How to stop having arguments when your child is dead set on having a power struggle with you at mealtimes
  • The right way to praise your child’s food choices
  • The dangers of using food as a reward or punishment
  • What to say and what not to say to your child at mealtimes
Step 5: The Appetite
Understanding Why Kids Won’t Eat
In this module you will learn:
  • Why eating is not the body’s first priority and what you must do first
  • How to correctly sit your child at the table so that they stay at the table
  • What influences your child’s appetite
"Ana-Maria is my encyclopedia, my google and my bible for anything baby and holistic health related questions." 
"Ana-Maria is my encyclopedia, my google and my bible for anything baby and holistic health related questions I have. I can always trust that any information provided by her has been thoroughly researched and I feel safe to apply her advice to my precious baby.

The love and thoughtfulness that goes into anything she does is rare to find. I love her positive outlook and sweet way of always finding a solution that works for my family. Thank you Ana-Maria for all the love and support you provide me and my baby!"
What's Included:
  • 14 video Trainings
  • ​Access to the Video Tutorial Library
  • ​Downloadable Workbook
  • LIFETIME Access
  • Private Facebook Community
  • ​Member-Only Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS! Access to Sniffles Sneezes and Stuffy Noses Mini-Course
  • BONUS! Access to Unbound: Constipation Remedies for Babies and Kids Mini-Course
Get started today for only $197 USD
And Yes! The Bonuses ...
Bonus 1 - Access to the Food School Private Community
This is where you'll find me!
  • Ask me any of your questions 
  • Attend the Q&A sessions 
  • Get help implementing your newfound strategies for your unique child
Bonus 2 - Access to Sniffles, Sneezes, and Stuffy Noses
  • Sniffles, Sneezes and Stuffy Noses is for busy moms who recognize that getting a cold is part of the “yearly” life, and need a powerful routine to follow to get their kids or themselves feeling better in no time.
  • At the heart of Sniffles, Sneezes and Stuffy Noses program, is the desire to empower you with the confidence to use natural remedies to strengthen your immune system and use over the counter medication only when needed.
  • Unbound: Constipation Remedies for Babies and Kids
Bonus 3 - Access to Unbound: Constipation Remedies for Babies and Kids Mini-Course
This mini-course you will get:
  • 3 tips you need to be doing to get your kids to go regularly
  • My 3 step plan you can use at home
  • And an After-Care program to get your child to bounce back
At the heart of From Picky To Eating is a framework that allows you to get an understanding why children don’t eat and use the strategies to cater your own unique approach based on your child’s needs.
I created From Picky To Eating for moms like you who recognize that to achieve different results, you have to do something differently.
I was a very picky eater growing up. I later learned it’s because I’m a supertaster (that basically just means that I have more taste buds than 75% of the population).

And while that might sound like a superhero power, it’s not. This lead me to have a very unhealthy relationship with food for years.

But it also sparked the profound desire to create Nourished Little Munchkins; a place to raise awareness that sometimes for kids, eating is just plain hard and we don’t need to be pressured, bullied, bribed, or forced to eat.

Eating and all its elements relies on many little small skills that need to be learned. 

It’s just like tying your shoes. You have to first be able to sit, walk, be able to grab the laces and have enough muscle control in your fingers to maneuver them. Your brain has to be able to coordinate these sequential tasks.
And that’s what we do in From Picky To Eating. We build on those “hidden” skills that your child needs to eat and expand their safe food list.
Discover a more compassionate and proven framework to support your kids in eating new foods. 
Determine where your child’s feeding challenges are, what skills they need to build, and then build them!
Regardless if your child is going through the normal developmental phase of just wanting to defy you left right and center, has sensory issues, or is on the spectrum, the tools I will teach you are well researched, and work.
You will never be able to force someone to change. From what I see, boyfriends and girlfriends break up over this a hundred times a day. And, I’m sure you’ve noticed, you can’t force your child to eat
You CAN change your own behaviour.  
You CAN change the words you say.
You CAN change the way you do things.
You CAN do those things so that your child CAN also
change with you.
You CAN give your child the space they need to grow their skills and expand their food choices of their own accord.
There are many “meal plans for picky eaters”, “recipes for your picky eaters”, or “how to feed your family healthy meals” out there. They are all fantastic tools, but they won’t work unless you have the structure in place to give your child the environment he/she needs to accept new foods.
Unless you have a solid foundation to build a safe, predictable and conflict-free mealtime, you’re relying on hope. Hope that the next meal you make is “the one”. 

The one meal that will change everything.
The meal that will make your child appreciate food and eat whatever you prepare because now they understand that food is good.  
And unfortunately my love, ​it doesn't work that way.
I’ve designed From Picky To Eating to be cost effective yet still give you the emotional and practical support you need. You have several options to choose from!
Best of all, you don’t have to worry. I got you!
As a mom supporting my toddler through this phase of his life, I’m using the strategies I teach daily!
As a child picky eater, I completely understand the intense emotions and sensory challenges your child is feeling, even if they don’t know how to verbalize it.
And as a holistic nutritionist, I know what’s going on in your child’s body.

Don’t keep relying on tactics that don’t work and deplete your energy. Instead use that same amount of time to learn a new way forward.
What's Included:
  • 14 video Trainings
  • ​Access to the Video Tutorial Library
  • ​Downloadable Workbook
  • LIFETIME Access
  • Private Facebook Community
  • ​Member-Only Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS! Access to Sniffles Sneezes and Stuffy Noses Mini-Course
  • BONUS! Access to Unbound: Constipation Remedies for Babies and Kids Mini-Course
Get started today for only $197 USD!
I’m so confident that From Picky To Eating will make your life a million times easier and get your child to eat that I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee.
* To qualify for a refund, email me your completed workbook.
See what others have to say about their From Picky To Eating journey!
Ana doesn't just give you a nutrition plan and send you off to fend for yourself after. This is a person that provides on-going support and advice, ready to help whenever it is most needed. I appreciate that she can ​empathize with my own food struggles with a young child, having two kids of her own and passing on the knowledge from her personal experience to help her clients.

For these women, meal time is no longer a food fight.
Say yes today and go From Picky to Eating!
Here's What Happens Next
  • You’ll receive a Welcome Email with your login details to your private member’s area where all the content will be available to you immediately.
  • In the welcome email, you’ll also receive the link to the private Food School Facebook Community. To get the most out of the course, hop in there right away! Whenever you need support, guidance, or some love, I'll be
    there for you.
From Picky To Eating is for you if...
  • Your child is between 12 months and 7 year old
  • You are at your wits end and tired of having the same arguments every day
  • Need to have your child increase the food groups and number of food on their safe list
  • You are willing to put in the work to make changes (it will be easier once you are on the other side, but you still have to change some of your current habits)
  • You want to make sure your child is getting all the nutrients he/she needs
  • You appreciate a logical, intentional, and well-researched approach to problem solving
From Picky To Eating is NOT for you if...
  • ​You are not open to trying a new way to approach your meals
  • Your child is willing to try pretty much anything you put on their plate
  • Your child is older than 7 years old (this is because the games we play are geared towards younger children, but an adaptation is coming soon)
  • If your child has a diagnosed complicated medical condition. I prefer you contact me directly so that we can coordinate the strategies in the program with your child’s health care team as extra care will be needed.
You have questions... here are some FAQs:
I’ve been there and done that! How do I know if this will work for me?
This is where I get all sciency on you. My process uses the gold standard children feeding models. They are well researched methods and best of all they blend the knowledge of doctors, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, nutritionists, and psychiatrists to support your child from a wide variety of angles. It’s truly a holistic approach in the entire sense of the word. It takes into account the child's body development, child psychology, the child’s skill set and the child’s nutritional needs. No matter where your unique child is, you will benefit from this knowledge because you will learn exactly how to cater the strategies to their needs.  
My child had sensory processing disorder or eats less than 20 foods? Can this still help me?
Yes it can. I use the SOS Approach to feeding and was trained in conducting feeding therapy. You have the options to work with me 1:1 where I can coordinate with your paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, or other members of your child health care team. Feeding conditions are a multidisciplinary in nature and before you add anything to your action plan, I recommend you book a call with me so that I can guide you. 
My life with kiddos is pretty hectic, how much time does it take to implement the materials?
Oh I so hear you on this! Weekly you should set aside about 30 minutes to listen to the videos and 1 hour to work on implementing one strategy at a time. I'm a believer that making small and manageable changes is the way to go. When I teach parents how to do "feeding therapy" at home, we take 3 months. For children that have existing medical conditions or special needs, they might need multiple rounds. That's why I won't do monthly plans, I really want you to give it your best shot over the course of 3 months. Plus I'm ALWAYS there for you in the Food School Private Client Community when you need me.
What if I have questions about the material? How can I get support?
You can ask me all your questions in our Food School Private Client Community. Whether we are building a strategy plan for you or venting together, I got you! I’ll be in there every day helping where I‘m needed.
I do not leave you high and dry. Depending on your situation you might need more support. Especially in the beginning when you need to create your plan on how you get your child to eat. You also have the option to purchase a complete feeding assessment where we create a customized plan for your child and additional 1:1 time with me whenever you need it! I tried my best to make my rates as affordable as possible.
Do I need to buy any special foods or other tools?
Nope! You’ll start by eating the same foods you and your child are used to while we work on creating the right environment. Then we’ll start adding new foods. But there are no specialty tools or food you need to invest in to make this program work.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes! I know that From Picky To Eating will change your life. The program works if you do. When you are ready to sign up, I want you to be committed to putting it in play. I will be there for you with my heart and soul ready to help. I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. To qualify for the refund, you have to show me that you gave the program your best shot and it didn’t work for you, by emailing me your completed workbook.
​My wish is that you give yourself permission to explore a new powerful way to get your kids to eat and to increase their acceptance of new foods. Their health is the most precious gift you can give them.
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